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The Development of Company Stage

  • Establishment of a sales company

    Wecan Biological Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in 2004. It mainly engages in organizing and managing the technical services, transfer and sales of various kinds of nutritional active ingredients(various vitamins, amino acids, minerals, plant extracts etc.), feed additives and pharmaceutical intermediates.

  • Completion of a production plant

    Weishi Biotech was set up. It has introduced advanced microencapsulation technology and successfully put the production lines of double-encapsulated microencapsulation of vitamin A, D3, E and K1 into operation, thus filling the domestic gap of food-grade vitamin A, D3, E and K1 double-encapsulated microcapsule powder.

  • Branch establishment

    Weishi International (America) Co., Ltd. was established in New Jersey, the United States.

  • National standards drafting

    ● The company became the drafting unit of the National Standard for Food Safety (GB 29942 – 2013) - Food Additive Vitamin E (d1--tocopherol) and Food Additive Vitamin A (Palmitate Retinol).
    ● In the same year, the company applied and obtained the Feed Additives (Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin E) Production License.

  • Patents obtained

    We have achieved significant results in new product development and technical improvement and obtained six national patents

  • Company integration

    Weishi successfully integrated Jiangxi Jirui Biotech Co., Ltd. and realized the whole industrial chain production of vitamin D3

  • Investment in preparation plants

    Zhejiang Benova Healthcare Co., Ltd. was established. It mainly engages in the production of directly pressured granules and coated preparations of nutrients such as dietary supplements, vitamin C and B-group. Weishi Jirui Biotech Co., Ltd. (Tongxiang) was set up, engaging in the sales of vitamin D3.

  • New technical upgrading projects

    ● New investments were made in the project–technical upgrading of double-encapsulated microencapsulation production lines of food-grade oil-soluble nutrition enhancer and vitamins.
    ● Weishi’s subsidiary Jiangxi Jirui Biotech Co., Ltd. made new investments in the technical upgrading project - production of vitamin D3 crystal, vitamin D2 and cholesterol.

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