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Over a decade, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy - "upright, altruistic, and self-disciplined". It makes great effort to attract specialized talents, focuses on in-depth understanding of the life health technology field, and devotes itself to the undertakings of human and animals’ nutrition and health. We’d like to carry out research on the use of the products together with you and better serve customers with “big data”, so as to reach ground breaking sales!

  • Since the establishment of the company, I have been responsible for the company’s supply and purchase. I have been working hard and behaving sincerely! Probably, a seed will become a forest!

  • I graduated from an army college with a bachelor's degree of business management and have been on active service in a field unit of PLA. Obedience is the soul of an army, which can make an enterprise obtain the same combat and execution capability as the army! Where ther

  • I have engaged in professional sales for 15 years. in terms of market, everyone seems to be a primary school student, while the market often gives people the test papers for graduates. Only when we revere the market and enter the market can we know what is happening in the market

  • My major is international economics and trade. Since joining the company in 2007, I have witnessed the company’s development and progress! Adhering to the motto “Your business is your life-self”, I have been trying to serve each customer better!

  • I majoring in fine chemical engineering analysis, have engaged in quality management for 28 years. Being  responsible for product quality, for enterprises and for customers is the mission of each quality person; having a down-to-earth manner, being conscientious and paying 

  • I am the production manager. I have participated in planning design, equipment installation and debugging and technical reform since the plant was set up in 2005. It can be said that I am familiar with every screw of the plant. As a head in charge of production, I regard completi

  • Majoring in fine chemical process, I have engaged in microencapsulation embedding process for 13 years. I will keep on making improvements to meet customers’needs.

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